Amnesty International Wades – In, Ask Nigerian Police To Release Gloria Okolie Posted by News Mirror, August 24, 2021

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1. Gloria Okolie, a 21-year-old student has been in detention since 17 June 2021 for alleged involvement with a suspected ESN/ IPOB member.

2. Her lawyer told Amnesty International that she was arrested by the IRT unit of the Nigerian police in Imo state and taken to Abuja where she remains in detention without access to her family members and lawyer in violation of her human rights. Her lawyer alleges that Gloria has been subjected to ill- treatment while in detention. The police also continued to extort money from her family on false promises to release her.

3. Amnesty International calls on the police authorities to immediately release her or charge her for a recognizable office. The police authorities must investigate her prolong detention and alleged ill- treatment and ensure that officers found culpable are punished according to law.

4. Amnesty International has in the past documented several cases of ill-treatment including sexual abuse of women in police detention.

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