Boko Haram are killing us, many of us are injured

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In a video trending online, Olusegun Adeniyi, Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, a group of Nigerian soldiers deployed to the North-East region to combat Boko Haram terrorists has revealed how they recorded heavy casualty during a recent encounter with the hoodlums.

According to him, they lost several soldiers during the mission due to wrong intelligence provided by military authorities.


“We have been met with very strong resistance – from more than pockets of Boko Haram. From every flank not less than 15 gun trucks were facing us.

“I’m standing here with Sector 2 Commander; the armed helicopter has just come to hover our air, the instruction I gave them was that anything they see moving they should engage because most of my gun trucks are not moving. Like I said earlier, the three battalions are fighting as deployed — nobody is running.

“But what we have here, I will give you some estimates. Boko Haram has fired more than a hundred mortar bombs at us; they have fired 80 to a hundred RPGs at us; in addition to eight to 10 gun trucks firing at us from all sides. We have not run, and the soldiers are not misbehaving or disobeying orders.

“We have casualties. I will come and see you in person on what we need to do. But we are not running.

“We lost about 20 MRAP tires here. We have changed close to 250 Hilux tires due to the terrain.

“This is what we are facing in the Timbuktu triangle. We are not running, we are fighting as a system to curtail the situation.”

Several wounded soldiers could be seen crying in the video while bodies of their colleagues was scattered all over location.

Recall that Boko Haram recently ambushed troops in Borno and killed more than 50 soldiers during that attack.

An unspecified number of military personnel, who participated in that mission, remain missing and unaccounted for till this day.

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