The Good Heart of the Kalus. By Onyendi Victor Kelechi

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Legacy is what one is remembered for. Good spirited Individuals and their characteristics remains evergreen and fresh in the hearts of the people they are associated and related with. One thing remains sacrosanct, people who are in one way or the other impacted Positively in people’s life are always mostly cherished by all and sundry, this vindicate why the Kalus are loved, cherished and goes ahead to obtain total loyalty and respect from all and sundry.

Is no longer news that that a Frontline online TV ABN TV recently witnessed a natural occurrence which destroyed their properties worth millions of Naira. The hearts of magnanimity of OUK felt the pains of ABN and he took the bull by the horn by ameliorating the pains that was inflicted on the media house by the natural occurrence.

Does anyone need any further information to vindicate a proven facts?

Mascot Uzor Kalu in his own heart of gold and hand of milk is going and around doing good. Can we forget his training of Abia indigenes to become professional online employment creators? Of course we are aware that the world globally has moved from analog system to a more sophisticated digital system. MUK is a digital personality.

The Kalus who believes in Human capital development has stop at nothing to make a prodigious postive impact on people.

The testimonies are obvious, since the nullification of the illegal incarceration of the people’s Senator, the high powered visitation and solidarity remains overwhelming.

The Kalus has done marvelously well and what else can we say except thanks and continue with the good work.

We pray that God Almighty will continue to protect and shower his abundant blessings on the family.

A blessed family is blessed

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