Oduduwa, Time to Exit Nigeria— Kakanfo roars

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Aare Kukumi Kakanfo sends out strong and fearful message.

According to the message, the Yorubas must defend themselves otherwise face with the option of extinction.

Read the message below

Restructuring – No
Regional system of government – No
True federalism – No
Devolution of power – No
Sovereign national conference – No
Balkanization of Nigeria – No
State police – No
Decentralization of the Supreme court – No
Removal of quota system – No
Meritocracy – No
Federal character – No
Justice and equity – No
Power rotation – No
Self determination – No
Amotekun – No
Secularism – No
Resource control – No
Population control – No

RUGA – Yes
Cattle colony – Yes
Land grabbing – Yes
Born to rule – Yes
Quota system – Yes
Sharia law – Yes
Grabbing of all indigenous water ways – Yes
Sharia police – Yes
Fulanisation – Yes
Hate speech law – Yes
Almajiri – Yes
One Nigeria – Yes

That is the Nigeria that the Hausa-fulanis are craving for and dying for. If you like pray from now till tomorrow Nigeria’s fate is sealed in as much as the above scenario is still intact.

If the Yoruba race does not want to go into extinction through feudalization and poverty we must exit Nigeria.

Make Oduduwaland great again (MOGA).
Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo

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