NEW DAWN: Ariaria International Market Chairman Launches Healthcare Initiative and Road Improvement Project

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The business hub of South East, Nigeria and neighboring African countries, Ariaria International Market, Aba, has recently witnessed a wave of positive developments aimed at improving the welfare of its traders. under the leadership of the Chairman, Chief Chijioke Michael Amaku.


The Chairman and members of his Executive has initiated a medical outreach program and embarked on a comprehensive road improvement project, highlighting a commitment to the well-being and prosperity of the traders.

In a move to address the absence of a healthcare center within the market, the Chairman and the market management introduced a medical outreach initiative that has already began making a significant impact.

The program is aimed to promote good health among the traders, ensuring they have access to essential medical check-ups and healthcare services.

While addressing members, Chief Amaku emphasized that two more phases of the medical outreach will be conducted before the end of May, to enable more traders to benefit from these vital medical services.

Recognizing the importance of quality healthcare in optimizing service delivery, the Chairman’s healthcare initiative demonstrates a genuine concern for the well-being of all Ariaria traders.

By extending healthcare services directly to the market, traders can prioritize their health needs without the inconvenience of seeking medical assistance outside the premises.

Moreover, the Chairman’s proactive approach to infrastructure development is evident through the ongoing project of desilting gutters, stone filling, and grading the roads within the market.

It can only take a dedicated project team, established under the Chairman’s guidance to embark on such laudable programmes. The team has promised to complete these enhancements within a record time.

The Chairman and the project team earnestly call upon all traders who pledged their support for this project to honor their commitment.

Additionally, those who wish to contribute to the development efforts are encouraged to come forward and offer their assistance. The success of this ambitious endeavor is pivoted on the collective participation and support of the entire Ariaria market community.

To ensure the smooth progress of the road grading project, all traders and individuals that park their vehicles on the roads within the market are urged to relocate them temporarily.

Furthermore, the project team appeals to everyone to refrain from dumping construction materials, such as gravel, sand, and blocks, on the roads. These measures will help facilitate the speedy completion of the road improvement project, ensuring a safer and more efficient environment for traders and visitors alike.

The combined efforts of the Chairman, the project team, and the traders demonstrates a shared commitment to transforming Ariaria International Market into a thriving hub of commerce and well-being.

With the ongoing medical outreach initiative and the dedication to enhancing infrastructure, the market is poised for significant growth and prosperity.

As these initiatives continue to unfold, Ariaria International Market sets a commendable example for other markets in the region, showcasing the power of collective action and proactive leadership in fostering a conducive business environment.

” Together, let us build a healthier and more prosperous Ariaria International Market”, the Chairman, Chief Amaku urge traders.

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