NMDI International Women’s Day: Outstanding Woman Of The Year 2019 preaches equality, calls for more support for women

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The Outstanding woman of the year 2019, President/Founder Nkemdi Mordi Development Initiative(NMDI)Bringing Hope Lighting Lives has called for more support for women.

In a message delivered on Sunday, in commemoration of the 2020 International Women’s Day, Dr Nkemdi C. Mordi Kenneth reiterated the need for a society where women can attain great heights, and be judged based on their competence and abilities rather than their gender.

“While we may have made progress in improving the rights of women, there are still a lot to be done, particularly with respect to bringing more women into leadership positions and getting more women involved in governance”, she said.

Echoing the campaign theme of this year’s celebration, which is, “Each for Equal”, she described gender equality and the protection of the rights of women as the hallmark of any progressive society.

She called on government and revelant institutions to put measures in place to dismantle gender stereotypes, which must begin with educating and empowering the girlchild, and taking steps to eshrine gender equality which should reflect in the appointment of more women in government.

Speaking further, she advised women to rise to the and compete for opportunities where ever they find themselves.

“Women must learn that opportunities are never laid at anyone’s doorstep, they are there for all to compete. While I may agree that there are social and institutional barriers that could limit women, these barriers can be overcome through hardwork, resilience and determination. I therefore encourage women to take bold steps towards achieving their dreams and aspirations”.

Concluding, the outstanding woman of the year 2019 Dr Nkemdi C. Mordi Kenneth celebrated her fellow women for their efforts in building homes, societies and nations. She urged them to develop the resourceful abilities which nature has conferred on them so they can contribute meaningfully to the development of the society.

Long Live our Mother’s and Mother’s To Be


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