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*I have been disturbed since I saw this video trending on social media. Two things occupied my mind; to speak-up or not to speak-up. I was advised not to further escalate the matter but keep mute in order to help preserve the dignity of the young lady, who incidentally is from my Local government. I chose to rather speak-up to assist in advising and enlightening others on how best to handle similar situation in future.

*The video is already trending and thank goodness, the young lady has been rescued. My worry was the “verbal bashing” she got from her supposedly loved ones, who were equally devastated by the disturbing video. Careful and strategic management of the post trauma distress is most important to this young survivor of violent abuse.

*Obviously, the young undergraduate was under some form of inducement which got her disoriented and vulnerable. She doesn’t seem to be mentally balanced and even confessed she was raped. From the video clip, it is apparent that she has undergone the worst form of sexual and gender based abuse in the hands of some guys on campus.

*Those who rescued her were suppose to have administered, the first and immediate response, which is taking her to a safe place where she will be out of more danger and protecting her dignity. Seeking medical attention, securing and preserving her evidence and finally and most importantly, she needs a psycho-spiritual therapy to heal the psychological wounds that are too often very difficult to heal.

*There is every need for law enforcement agencies, especially the police to track the names of those she mentioned in the video. She doesn’t need to be blamed because she was obviously a victim of abuse in the hands of some uncivilised beings. Those monsters who perpetrated this dastardly act must be brought to book to serve as a deterrent to others.

*Social media do not forget, this young lady sure needs a specialised therapist to help her handle her psychological and emotional healing. She needs all the love she could get from loved ones and the society at large. The love and understanding extended to her will definitely help her heal faster as against ridiculing her.

*We all must come together to SHOW LOVE TO VICTIMS/ SURVIVORS OF SGBV and to SPEAK-UP on their behalf. You might be saving a life if you do.

Mazi Eric Dwyse Ikwuagwu.


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