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A chieftain of the All progressives Congress in Abia State and her Publicity Secretary,Hon Chief Offor Okorie has debunked the news making around social Media that Hon Ifeanyi Uchenna has joined APC. Speaking to the press in umuahia the state capital,Chief Offor Okorie said that the All progressives Congress is a constitutional organisation,guided by the constitution,and also following constitutional laid down rules. They is a process of joining a political party, not on pages of news papers, social media handles,or mere propaganda. You must follow the constitutional order of a party if you want to join the party. In APC, joining the party starts from the ward. You can not just stay at the comfort of your sitting room, snap with your kitchen broom,and circulate the pictures in social Media, claiming membership of APC. Some one must tell Ifeanyi Uchenna the truth, and I volunteer to do that.The person of Ifeanyi Uchenna’s calibre,as the immediate past deputy speaker of Abia State house of assembly,should know and understand better of what am talking about. If Ifeanyi Uchenna wants to officially join APC, he should go down to his Isiama ward, call the ward Executives,the party leaders, elders and stakeholders within his wards, LGA,the state and even beyond to officially declare and register in the party.

The entry into a political party by a person of his calibre, as the immediate past deputy speaker of the state house of assembly should be thunderous and weighty for all to know that a great man has joined the party. I was personally present at Isiama ward on the 16th of February 2024 when Hon. Ikenna Ukwa collapsed over 2,900 persons and leaders across party lines in Ohafia local government area into APC. This is a proof that Hon ikenna Ukwa is on ground and is loved by his people. The event took place at an event centre in Isiama. The crowd that attended the event was uncontrollably massive. We had media teams across the state that covered the event,and it was televise live for the world to see.

That is how to join a political party. Just recently,Hon. Elvis Ogbonna did same in Arochukwu LGA by collapsing the whole APGA in the LGA into APC. You can not sit at the comfort of your sitting room,snap with your broom,and circulate it on social media that you have joined APC, that is ridiculous and laughable for a person of Ifeanyi Uchenna calibre. APC is accommodating and is open for everybody to join. We accept any sane person from any political party who wants to join APC.

We need members,but you must join constitutionally and progressively. I love Ifeanyi Uchenna and I want him to join APC. But he must do it constitutionally by going down to his Isiama ward,register there and make an official declaration.

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