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If people find it annoying that we questioned Dr Otti, took 12 hours to abuse me for asking questions, have not provided 1 response 24 hours later, but derive maximum pleasure when we bash Prof Ikonne and question his credentials for the job, then I believe that Ikonne deserves an apology. They call him names like stooge and other derogatory names, and heavens have not fallen. Many of these people calling him names have no good first degrees and may not near half his achievements till they die.

On Abia Change Zoom Platform, all the candidates were scrutinised. On the day we did Alex Otti, they planned in their WhatsApp Group to come and attack us, and they stormed there and started abusing everyone. We allowed them space to speak and they abused us and left, without listening to any other Abian among the over 60 Abians online that night. Is this showing the character of their leader?

Despite being a native of my LGA, I have consistently asked for ABSU’s financial statements under Ikonne, I have asked for his record of stewardship at ABSU, I have questioned his performance at Abia Poly, I have questioned his relationship with Loidant – the Revenue Company, I have questioned the process that gave birth to his candidacy and all the people vilifying me today were happy and praising me. Many came inbox or called me to praise me.

They call Ikpeazu all sorts of unprintable names and nobody insults or attacks them. They criticise him daily with inhumane adjectives and Ikpeazu has never reacted to them. They deride him like Abia started in 2015, although I understand that much was expected from him. They hailed me as a different Ngwa guy. I never liked it.

We subjected Nanaa to the same level of scrutiny on a public platform where the same people were asking him if he stole Abia’s funds. His team didn’t fight. They accuse him of fraud daily and no one has reacted to them. His team answers all questions posed about him.

We questioned Prof Ibe on many things that were quite uncomfortable for a man whose son is a Professor in the US, including asking him how he made his money and if TA Orji owns Gregory University. He took them with a stride and responded calmly. His team did not fight us. We didn’t hear that he is the greatest Abian ever. He didn’t tell us that he is a billionaire and Professor and that we are nothing.

Then we asked the same questions about Dr Otti and for 12 hours, we were insulted and called unprintable names by his team. We were told how inconsequential we are. I was labelled with all sorts of names including being a criminal, a fraudster, someone being paid by politicians, even by people whose families I can feed.

It appears to me that Prof Ikonne has been humiliated unjustly simply because he is Ikpeazu’s annointed candidate. All the other candidates were also promised governorship tickets by either Ikpeazu or TA Orji. What makes them different?

From what I have seen since I made open my support for Nanaa and also started asking the questions about Dr Otti as we have asked about other candidates, I now believe that I have been unfair to Ikonne.

Abians should also be wary of leaders that cannot be questioned. This intolerance to mere questioning by the same people who believe that Abia started in 2015 and bash Ikpeazu daily and call him every derogatory name in the dictionary, is a red flag for me. They won’t stand criticism if they win. People may be arrested for having a voice or you might be told that a Messiah governor should not be questioned

Should we not give Ikonne a chance because he is a former VC, who has also not done much in Abia like Dr Otti, who claims to love Abia? His only sin is being supported by Ikpeazu. What if he turns good like Prof Zulum of Borno?

If TA or Ikpeazu had handed over to these guys, would they have been calling their candidate names? What is different about Ikonne?

I believe Ikonne deserves an apology for discrimination.

NOTE: This is about the questions I asked and not an invite to Abia Change Platform. It was also his people that accused me of not inviting him. I did and got told that we are nobodies.

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