I arranged my brother’s killing because dad trusted him more than me

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“My brother sold some cows for my father and made N1.7m. He came back and started making a noise about it. My father was happy about it and asked him (Kadade) to keep the money. I expected him to share the money between us but he asked my brother to take it to the bank the next day.

I was so broke that day and asked my father for money. He started insulting me and asked me to learn to be responsible like Kadade. I was bitter and immediately called Haruna (Amadu) and told him about the money in our house.

I told them (Amadu and the hired assassins) to come that night and kill my brother. I thought that his death would make my father allow me to control some of his businesses. That night, around 12 midnight, about five of them came. They knocked on my window as a sign to let me know that they were around. They searched everywhere for my brother and when they found him, they killed him as I instructed. My father was devastated but I consoled him that it was Allah’s wish.”

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