Dana Aircraft Develops Technical Fault, Makes U-turn Mid-Air

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A Lagos Bound Dana Air flight has made a u-turn to Abuja about an hour into the flight due to technical problems

An eyewitness on board said the pilot announced to passengers that there was an indicator that one of the doors wasn’t properly closed hence, the aircraft had to return to the Abuja airport.

After landing, most passengers disembarked angrily from the aircraft, as they noted that the airline officials had failed to communicate properly with them.

Much later, while the airline officials and one of the pilots said their engineers were fixing the problems some of the passengers said they couldn’t continue the journey on the same plane.

The flight which had initially been scheduled for 3:00 pm had been delayed for over 1 hour according to officials, due to operational reasons before boarding passengers at about 2:00 pm and then landed back in Abuja at past 3:00 pm.

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