America’s oldest juvenile lifer, 83, who was jailed in 1953 aged 15 for his role in string of drunken, fatal armed robberies, is freed after 68 years

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Joseph Ligon, 83, was freed from eastern Pennsylvania prison on Thursday.

🔗 In 1953, he was sentenced to life in prison at the age of 15.

⚖ Ligon and other teens got drunk and went on assault spree in Philadelphia.

🔗 Two people were killed; Ligon was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

⚖ Ligon has denied killing the two and has refused to apply for parole during term.

🔗 In 2012, Supreme Court ruled life sentences for juveniles were unconstitutional.

⚖ Five years later, Pennsylvania resentenced Ligon to 35 years in prison.

🔗 In 2020, the state agreed to release him after appeals from Ligon’s attorney.

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