This Is Not What We Planned, Lady Mourns Fiance Who D!ed Three Days To Their Wedding

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A season of joy turned to grief for a Facebook user, Praise Ahmodu, who lost her fiance, Abraham Basif, three days to their wedding.

According to the invitation card on their Facebook pages, the lovers were meant to marry on Saturday in Kogi State.

Mourning the late Basif, Ahmodu shared his photo and a photo of his coffin on her page.

She wrote, “My treasure ????????????. This mark is too heavy on me????????????. Can I still love? Can i still find true love? ????????????????

“This not what we planned. You gave up in my hands???????? I thought my struggle with you on the sick bed will end with praise and testimony as you always told me????????????????????

“This is too much for me????I’m speechless.”

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