My house boy was sent home because his mother wanted him to do anything to make Money fast – Nelson Nwamara

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My house boy was sent home yesterday. His mother asked us to bring him back. This boy lives like Prince in my house in Abuja. . He sleeps in AC fitted room alone, on a good bed. He eats good food, wears good clothes. We have washing machine at home so he doesn’t wash clothes with hands.

There’s no much work for him at home than to wash plates and keep the house clean. I pay 300k fees for him in a good Catholic school in Abuja where rich kids go.

I spend 5k to 10k everyday in fuel to drive him to school in my venza car and bring him back.
If you see this boy, you will not believe he is not related to me in anyway. He is intelligent and a good boy and we take good care of him.

Guys do you know why his mother asked us to bring his son back?

In her words “Some small boys of his age (15 yrs) in our street “picked” money and buy cars. My son is intelligent. He will learn quickly from them and do what they are doing and get money”

Because we know the kind of mother she is, we intentionally didn’t give her access to be communicating with his son directly because of fear of bad influence ( we don’t want any bad influence on our own children) but occasionally we put them on phone to talk and the boy confirms his good living condition with us.

She recently threatened to report us to police for
k!dnapping his son if we don’t bring him back.

So yesterday, we flew him back to Anambra and handed her over her son in good sound health. He returned in his school uniform with all his books inside his school bag.

All the school fees and books and money I spent in fuel to give this boy a good future is wasted just because his mother wants his son to join Street boys and “pick” fast money.

This boy told us he wants to study estate management and work with us in our company Homland Group as real estate developer like us and we promised to train him to university level and more provided he remains a good boy.

It pained me to lose such a good boy to a reckless mother. But what should I do? It is what it is. Life goes on.

Nelson Nwamara
Chairman, Homland Group

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