History!! Facts and Figures of RMS Titanic (see photos after 111 years of wreckage)

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Royal Mail Steamer Titanic

The construction company called it unsinkable RMS Titanic.

Sank 1912 after hitting the iceberg.

Killing 1512 people including John Jacob Astor who was the richest man in the world with a networth of over 150, million dollars (around 10 billion dollars today) when the Titanic sank in April 15 1912. He was only 47 years old.

His grandchild is among the passengers of the ill-fated submarine.

The titanic is so historical that once in a while a debris from the wreck would break and wash ashore and be found by seamen.

A few years ago, 4 pieces of rusty metals from the Titanic were auctioned and bought for 160 million dollars.

In 1912, Thomas Andrews, the Man who designed the Titanic Ship Sank with it.

111 years later, Stockton Rush who designed the Titanic Submarine has so just sank with it in 2023.

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