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Police operatives from Makinde Police Division have launched a manhunt for one Pastor Chris McDouglas Omosokpea of Peculiar Generation Assembly Church, located at No.17/19 Mututiatu Kayode Street off Ayodele Street, Mafoluku area of Oshodi, Lagos, for allegedly sexually abusing a 14-year old daughter of one of his church members in the past four years.

P.M.EXPRESS reports that the victim, who is now 18, was held with fake prophecies and she kept the abuses from her parents, who had been members of the Church for the past 12 years with strong belief that Pastor Douglas was a real man of God.

However, the bubble burst after the victim who could no longer able bear the abuses, started threatening to commit suicide over before she was persuaded to open up on what she was passing through.

She opened up and told her parents that Pastor Douglas had abused her for the past four years and instilled fear into her not to tell anyone.

Shocked by the revelations, the matter was reported to the Police at the Human Rights Section of Makinde Police Station. The Pastor was invited but he reportedly eloped

According to the victim’s mother, “My family had attended his Church for about 12 years. We so much trusted his counsel to be true, unknowingly to us Pastor Douglas has been secretly sexually abusing my daughter pretending to be a mentor to her for good 4 years before we found out this year April 2020”.

“We observed my daughter was always keeping to herself, withdrawn, she became very aggressive at every opportunity. The bubble now burst when she eventually threatened to commit suicide.”

“I couldn’t withstand the pain my family felt, so I reported to Makinde Police Station, Mafoluku Oshodi and Pastor Douglas was invited. For more than a month now, he has been running from pillar to post.

My daughter was issued a Police medical paper and she has been to Mirabel Centre inside LASUTH Ikeja, where she was well attended to and counseled very well.”

“All these while, Makinde Police Station invited him and he’s been putting up one excuse or the other until just few days ago my daughter and I received invitation letter from the Zonal Investigation Intelligence Department Zone 2 in an attempt to intimidate the family and escape justice” she said.

P.M.EXPRESS obtained the officer’s name as O/C Gbemileke Obafemi with phone number 090325192… who claimed to have been detailed to investigate the matter.

When contacted and asked to know who approved the petition for him to transfer the matter to Zone 2 without the Makinde Police first looking into the matter, he declined and replied that the reporter was stupid for asking such question and switched off his phone.

When Pastor Douglas was contacted on phone, he declined to speak on the matter and said he was on the mountain praying and said that it was a ploy by the family to leave his Church.

The mother of the victim expressed surprise over the invitation and said: “I was told that whenever a case of this nature is taken to Zone 2, the intention is to subdue the complainant and we are not ready for such because my family had been badly traumatized with this development”.

Meanwhile, a non-governmental organisation, known as Advocate for Children and Vulnerable people Network, led by Comrade Ebenezer, has moved to ensure that the victim gets justice and be rehabilitated her back to the society

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