Backlash as woman marries friend’s husband after their divorce

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A Nigerian woman known as Safiyyah has become the center of social media chatter after tying the knot with her friend’s ex-husband, Ruffy, a mere six months after his divorce.

The buzz began circulating on the X platform as Safiyyah shared videos and photos from her weekend wedding with Ruffy, reports The Guardian.

Speculations abound regarding the reason behind Ruffy’s divorce from his former wife, Kawthar, with some suggesting it was sparked by her adoption of feminist beliefs during their marriage.

In 2020, Ruffy and Kawthar exchanged vows. Notably, Safiyyah congratulated Ruffy on his marriage under a post he made, to which he responded with gratitude. Fast forward three years, and Ruffy is divorced from Kawther, entering matrimony with Safiyya in less than half a year.

The newlyweds took to X to share glimpses of their joyous occasion. Safiyyah expressed her happiness, saying, “By the will of Allah and the permission of my parents, I got married to a man whom my heart is very much pleased with over the weekend. May Allah make this journey easy for us.”

Ruffy echoed his joy, stating, “By the will of Allah, I went out and got married to the most gorgeous woman in the entire universe. In sha Allah soyayyar Har abada baby na 2Safiyya Datti. Duniya da lahira Bi Izi’nillah Ina yin Ki.”

The revelation shocked X users who had witnessed the friendship between Safiyyah and Kawther over the years. The two women frequently exchanged tweets and replies, making the unexpected union all the more surprising.

Adding to the intrigue, Ruffy deleted the 2020 post announcing his wedding to Kawthar and reposted a message by Gimbiya Kakanda discussing a person’s right to end a marriage and move on.

As the online community buzzes with commentary, Safiyyah’s unconventional love story serves as a testament to the unpredictability of relationships.

The evolving dynamics and intertwined narratives offer a glimpse into the complexities of modern-day connections and the choices individuals make in pursuit of happiness.

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