Anger as Nigerian police officer begs Spanish biker for money in viral video Posted by News Mirror, 18 April 2021

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A viral video showing a Nigerian policeman caught begging a Spanish biker for money has sparked outrage.

In the two-minute footage, the officer who signalled the Spanish biker to a halt quizzed him and urged the biker to give him money.

The policeman said: “What did you bring for us? Don’t tell me that […that you don’t have anything].”

He insisted on extracting money from him, even if it means receiving it in foreign currency.

The Spaniard said: “I’m coming from Spain; I crossed to Nigeria today. I don’t have anything yet. I didn’t change some money. When I get to Lagos, I’ll withdraw money with my credit card.

“I don’t have cash. I’m coming from Benin. My family is in Spain. I just transit. I go to Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, all the way to South Africa. I transit along with Africa. I do informatics, computer. I deal with computers. I have to go.”

The police’s public complaints unit reacted to the viral video, saying: “This video was earlier intercepted via other SM platforms and investigation already initiated, please.

“Your complaint is hereby acknowledged and investigation has been initiated. Your tracking number is #CRU317150, Thank you for contacting NPF-CRU.”

Many Nigerians have reacted to trending videos describing it as “embarrassing”.

Some others called on the police to improve its reputation.

Sandra Ezekwesili said: “This is embarrassing. I never imagined the conversation that would ensue between the Nigerian Police and a Spanish rider on a continental tour would go like this.”

Comedian Mr. Macaroni said: “Since our childhood days till now, This has been the reputation of the Nigerian Police. All they care about is collecting money from you. It doesn’t matter whether you are a law-abiding citizen or you are a terrorist! Just give them money!!”

Stephen Akin wrote: “They left the necessary questions they were supposed to ask and started asking for money. Nigerian police need to change. Chai!!”

David Ishola tweeted: “Nigerian police will continue to mess up the image of this country until something is done.”

Qudus said: “Nigerian police is the true definition of who typical Nigerians are. You will think those criticise the Nigerian police are a saint and doesn’t associate theirselves with corruption.”

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