Unguided Vituperation against Senator Akobundu, Ex Deputy Chairman, Isiala Ngwa South, Emeka Achilefu takes Ginger Onwusibe to the cleaners

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Some few days ago the media was agog with unsavoury comments credited to Hon. Ginger Onwusibe to the effect that he ll never recognise the towering status of Rtd. Col. Austin Akobundu as a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic representing the good people of Abia Central.

I had quickly perused the statements searching effortlessly for basis for such derelictions though not expected from a man that occupies such reverred authoritative position but was more confounded to find none. I was left to adduce reasons from the figments of my imagination and mere conjecturing.

My detailed inquiry into his diatribe still on conjecturing yielded few plausible reasons, all of which were largely based on sentiments. Skewed sentiments which quickly dissolved under the furnace of sentimentality when further subjected to a more critical inquiry.

That a former party Leader of the peoples democratic party, who achieved political stardom through his estranged political party PDP could unreservedly and brazenly insult the sensibilities of members of his former political party for refusing to be subservient to his selfish and egocentric ideology speaks volumes of a man who is selectively amnesiac and on collision course with destiny. Amnesia in the sense that he forgot his own mantra of party discipline and party supremacy as a party Leader. Adherents of the Peoples Democratic Pary (PDP) in ISNLGA and ISSLGA have been summarily lambasted by Hon. GINGER and classified as fools for expressing faith in their party during the last election and consequently celebrating the victory of their party leaves much to be desired from the exalted office of the occupant. Selective amnesia in the sense that whereas no indigene of Isialagwa north and south has publicly declared not to recognise Ginger on account of party differences and the ignominious role he played in scuttling the the Ngwa interest for Governorship which completely runs untravires to his self professed penchant for patriotism and altruism one would have expected that
Saint Ginger at best reciprocates this gesture with a measure of taciturnity since he is bereft of the requisit gift of the gab.

What else is honorable in a man who classifies his people both old and young as idiots for exercising their God given freedom and fundamental human rights as expressed in the constitution of the land. The PDP family in Abia state CANNOT and will NEVER be in a pensive mood in an occasion that calls for celebration because of one inconsequential human being who enjoys our common patrimony.

Our victory as a party is resounding and will continue to be celebrated in all circumstances not minding the the distressed opinion of few arising out of discontentment. What a disaster! If I worked for PDP in the open, why won’t I celebrate my party openly? There are lots of people that worked for our great party and it remains their inalienable rights to express their profound joy without minding whose ox is gored. Why will you villify a people for chosen a course of action which they rationally hold tenaciously to? Our aspiration as a party was collective and not individualized. We as a party assiduously worked for all the candidates that were duly issued with party tickets and we state unequivocally that we are happy where we have made progress and regret to loose any position including the one that Ginger occupies.
That is expectedly the position of every PDP member in our constituency. We are not oblivious of double faced elements you used as subterfuges to drive your clandestine plot to destroy PDP but God has proven to be ultimately God.

As a man on cognitive decline, have you forgotten what you profess about politics as a game of interest? Or should it only be about your own interest and that of your family? Mr. GINGER, in your infantile disposition, do you expect the good people of our constituency to bury all of their interests because you are involved? What gave you such overbloated and false impression continues to beat my imagination. Making such unguarded and inconsequential statement is the height of arrogance and perfidy and portrays you as a toddler in the business of politics. Remember there is no you without us and the political space effectively under your control and command is only that ‘dot’ called your family taking cognizance of the fact that that Isialangwa North is not your sphere of influence talkless south. Detach yourself from the people and you worth nothing. Distinguished Senator Austin Akobundu has resumed office as a Senator of the Federal Republic and will not want to be distracted. The whole country recognises him as such unlike yours that is geopolitically limited. I demand you tender unreserved apology to the vast majority of the good people of Isialangwa North and south who were certified stupid by you for celebrating their party as your role in derailing the Ngwa project still bleeds us. Your recognitions or otherwise of the Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic only calibrates your level of mentation.

Sir. Emeka Achilefu. ISSLGA.

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