Tragedy – Abiriba Born Emmanuel Okocha shot dead by RRS officer for refusing to bribe him

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One of our Abiriba prominent son lost his life in the hands of a trigger happy RRS Police officer in Aba.

Emmanuel Okocha, a law-abiding citizen, and the first son to Abiriba’s most philanthropic son; Chief Noko Okocha(Akuruo uluo 1 of Abiriba) was unjustly shot dead in broad daylight while simply driving home over his refusal to give money to the policemen on Wednesday 17th April, 2024. He was rushed down to living word hospital and after series of surgeries he gave up the ghost yesterday being Friday, 19th April 2023.

Emmanuel .N. Okocha, the first son of Late Chief Noko Okocha-akuroulo, is a renowned businessman, a beloved member of his family, a cherished friend to many, a father of two young boys, and husband to his beautiful wife.

Our deepest sympathies goes out to the beloved wife, family, and friends of Emmanuel Okocha. May they find comfort and support in one another as they endure the pain of his untimely passing.

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