See Photos of Abriba Born Emmanuel Okocha who was shot dead by RRS Officer in Aba.

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Rogue Officers from the Rapid Response Squad of the Nigerian Police Force has shot and killed an Abariba Born Bussiness man Mr. Emmanuel Michael Okocha along MCC Abayi – Aba for refusing to give them bribe despite the fact that his vehicle license were complete.

An eye witness account by the deceased victim late father’s apprentice who was sitting next to him in the car had it that they drove all the way from Abiriba on Wednesday, 17th day of April 2024 and entered Aba through Osisioma flyover. On approaching opposite Abayi Girl’s Secondary School, a team of Police Officers stopped them and demanded for the car documents and driver’s licence of Mr. Emmanuel Michael Okocha which he quickly availed them. After the check and control of the papers, the Police Officer returned the documents to him and started demanding for a tip (roja). The late Emmanuel replied the Officer that he hadn’t nothing to give him after wasting his time and started moving his car to leave the check point only for another Officer standing in front to turn his riffle and shoot at him without provocation.

Mr. Emmanuel Michael Okocha was hit by the bullet and he was shouting that he has been shot and the Police Team ran into their car and drove off. The eye witness drove the victim to the nearby Living World Hospital before calling his Attorney who joined him to MCC Police Station where the Police Team and the trigger happy shooter was identified by the eye witness. The young Mr. Emmanuel Michael Okocha who was struggling with his life after a surgery by Doctors to save his life on thursday died of the gun shot injuries yesterday (Friday) evening.

The Abiriba Community is calling on Abia State Government under their adopted son, His Excellency, Dr. Alex Chioma Otti to intervene to ensure that rogue officers in Nigeria Police Force and other Security Agencies get the message that the lives of innocent Abia State citizens must be protected without compromise.

“The Abiriba Community has been wounded and are saddened by the unprovoked, reckless and brutal murder of their promising young son. The philanthropic and kind hearted father of the victim, Late Chief Michael N. Okocha whose time and wealth touched numerous lives and commitment/drive to Community Development is still visible in Abiriba after two decades of his demise must be watching from the spirit world to see how his beloved Abiriba will rally to ensure that those who brutally cut-short the life of his beloved son are served the justice they deserved”

“This ugly incident is a constant reminder that the Government needs to do more to checkmate the excesses of men and women of her Security Agencies. They should be made to understand that their job is to protect lives not to take it and firearms are only meant to be used in extreme danger to defend themselves against deadly attack

“Late Mr. Emmanuel Michael Okocha should not only Rest in Peace, he must Rest in Justice.

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