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Nigerian President, Bola Tinubu, on Thursday meets with governors of the 36 states, under the auspices of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, to discuss pertinent national issues at the Council Chamber of the Aso Rock Village, Abuja.

The emergency meeting had both the Federal Government and the governors of the 36 states of the Federation agreeing on the imperative of creating state police.

Such State controlled police force, the meeting, acknowledged, can contribute to beefing up security of life and property across the country.

The Information and National Orientation Minister, Idris Mohammed, who briefed newsmen later, said the meeting considered how to enhance forest rangers’ numerical strength as well as exploring the possibility of State Police.

Mohammed, more discussions will continue on those issues until an understanding is reached.

Thereafter, he said, a bill could be sent on it to the National Assembly for necessary constitutional amendment.

The Information and National Orientation Minister, Mohammed who had the Governors of Plateau, Kaduna and Delta states sitting with him briefed on decision reach on food security.

He disclosed that there has been cases of hoarding of food stuffs which has soared prices of commodity.

In addressing those concerns, he said directives have been given to the National Security Adviser, Director General of State Services, and Inspector General of Police to collaborate with state governors to tackle those ugly practices.

Also, Mohammed stated that more emphasis was placed on the need to increase investments in agriculture.

Such vote, he said was considered necessary in combating food shortages, grow the capacity of Nigeria to become self-sufficient and a net exporter of food commodity.

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