President Paul Biya of Cameron, another Imperialist African Leader that needs the “Military Tea

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Prior to becoming the President of Cameroun, Paul Biya has served as Prime Minister, from 1975 to 1982. He would soon become the President of Cameroon in 1982 and has remained President till moment.

At 90 years, he is arguably the longest-serving head of state in the world, he has been in power for 48 years. First served as the Prime Minister for 7 years, and has been President for a record straight 41 yesrs..

He extend the Presidential term of office, first to five years, and later to seven years. He would later introduce a controversial constitutional amendment that was passed in April 2008, wherein, he abolished Presidential term limits which provided him the option to stand in future Presidential elections and to become a live President, that could only be stopped by death.

Biya hardly stays in Cameroon. He is known for his many overseas trips, in particular, to France and Switzerland, and, when in Cameroon, does not appear in public very often.

For Biya and his cabinet, made up.of, mainly old men, there is no clear path for the younger generation to gain experience and prepare for the eventuality of a post – Biya administration.

The Military coup in Gabon, her next door neighbor a fellow French colony has sent shock waves to the 90 – year old President that he panickly reshuffled his cabinet in a way to avert Military intervention in Cameroun

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