Organ Harvesting: How ‘Dr Kekere’ Removed My Kidney Without My Knowledge – Jos Woman

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“When my abdomen kept paining me, I approached JUTH for further examination of my health status so as to understand what the cause really was.

“On getting to JUTH, a doctor after hearing my complaint, thoroughly examined my stomach and asked me to go for scanning. After the scanning and the results were out, the doctor asked me which kind of operation I underwent that my stomach was cut to that magnitude.

“I told him it was an appendix. The doctor further asked where the first operation was carried out and I told him it was at Murna Clinic. He then disclosed to me that one of my kidneys was removed,” the victim said. “Kidney! I asked. I didn’t know what kidney meant but I quickly called my husband to inform him that the result of the evaluation at JUTH indicated that my kidney was removed.”

Mrs Kamal said before she approached the teaching hospital, sometime in January 2018, she was feeling pain in her stomach and she went to Murna Clinic and Maternity seeking medical attention. There Dr. Noah Kekere, who was alleged to have removed her right kidney, told her that an appendix was discovered on her and she needed to be operated on urgently, adding that if it was not handled quickly, it could cause her death.

“He charged us N80,000 which we paid and thereafter, he carried out the surgery. I spent six days in the hospital. After six months, the side of the operation started causing me pain. My husband said I should go back to Dr. Kekere to lay my complaint which I did. He prescribed some medicines for me. After taking the medicine the pain was eased for some time. But not long after, the same pain started again.

“I continued to report to him about the pain at regular intervals. Whenever I complained, he would either give me some tablets or injections, but a few days after, the pain would return.

“When I kept complaining, he told me I needed another surgery as another disease was discovered in my stomach and would cause me N60,000,” the victim said. “But I thought what if the second operation was carried out and it was also not successful? I was scared because the first operation was yet to be healed and the Dr was suggesting another one. I then decided to go to JUTH for further consultation,” she added.

Kehinde said when the result of the scanning issued by JUTH showed that her kidney was removed, and it was shown to him, Dr Kekere denied anything to do with it and the police ordered that another scan be conducted at Fertile Ground Hospital in Jos South where the result also showed that a kidney was removed.

Explaining her illness, Mrs Kamal said: “I was never in my lifetime admitted in a hospital or underwent surgery until 2018 when I was first operated on by Dr Kekere. I gave birth to all my four children in JUTH and never had any record of surgery.”

Asked what she wants, she said: “I want Dr Kekere to pay the price of what he has committed. I will never forgive him. Let the law takes its course.”

Noah Kekere of Murna Clinic and Maternity located at Yanshanu Community of Jos North to the Nasarawa Gwong Police Division, accusing him of removing his wife’s kidney during an operation in 2018.

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