Okey Ahiwe pledges to deploy the 4-P model to accelerate Abia’s development.

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Sir Okey Ahiwe, the Peoples Democratic Party Abia State gubernatorial candidate, has pledged to deploy the 4-P model to drive industrialisation for wealth creation in Abia State. The 4-Ps of Ahiwe refer to a scheme of collaboration.

“We will leverage our Public-Private-People-Partnership (4P) model to develop the infrastructure to enable industrialisation and wealth creation for Ndi Abia”, Ahiwe declared in his Manifesto titled “Ndi Abia, It is your RIGHT to prosper”.

The plan incorporates “initiate the Abia Electricity Market for increased investment in electricity supply”, working with the World Bank to implement an Abia Industrial Plan, and establishing an Export Processing Zone to anchor the industrial plan.

Ahiwe said the Abia State government under him would also to attract investment. Ahiwe said he would support the local production of imported goods and give Made in Aba a tremendous push and promotion.

The Ahiwe manifesto, “Ndi Abia, It is your RIGHT to prosper”, outlines plans for eleven critical sectors. They include education, health and human capital development, finance, governance, and electricity.

Ahiwe would “publish quarterly and annual reports on government income and expenditure”, run open procurement based on a technology platform, deploy tech to cut waste in government and implement eGovernment for easy public access to government affairs.
He said he would set monthly performance targets for commissioners and other appointees and involve town unions in project identification, planning and execution.
Ahiwe stated: “Through transparency, M.I. Okpara raised funds for government projects. As his committed follower, I come to you with clean hands to solicit the taxes to fund our development plans”.

His plans include “constituting the Abia Club 100 of leading businesses to co-invest on pivotal projects”.
Electricity is one of three enablers in the Ahiwe Manifesto. He stated, “Working with our development partners, we will enable private investment to deliver reliable, affordable, universal electricity access.”

The plans include delivering “fast power” projects to economic centres, schools and hospitals, support for private investment in renewable energy for underserved communities and supporting Geometric Power Limited to supply 24/7 power in the nine local governments it covers.

The Abia State Government of Okey Ahiwe would provide financial incentives to complete all ongoing transmission projects, resolve community issues preventing the completion of ongoing power projects, and enable innovative financing for pre-paid meter purchase and deployment.

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