Nigerian police helicopter crash in Bauchi

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A helicopter belonging to the Nigeria police which took off from Abuja has crashed at the Bauchi Airport.

The helicopter crash was disclosed by the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) on Thursday.

AIB in a statement said “the accident occurred on 26th January 2022 around 7:30pm (Local Time) at Bauchi Airport.

“The NPF helicopter had departed Abuja at 16:54 UTC for Bauchi with Six persons onboard maintaining 5,500ft

“There were some injuries but no fatality.”

AIB said it is soliciting public support “to know that we would be amenable to receiving any video clips, evidences, or information any member of the public may have of the accident that can assist us with this investigation.”

AIB said the cause of the accident should not be assumed “until a formal report is released.”

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