Meet the US – based Model, Anita Brown That Claimed She Is Pregnancy for Davido

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A US-based model Anita Brown has stirred up social media over alleged pregnancy for Afrobeats star, Davido.

In the wee hours of Monday, Davido began to trend online after news of his alleged affair with the model and resulting pregnancy surfaced.

Brown claimed her phone was hacked, blaming the culprit(s) for leaking her private chats with the singer.

But that didn’t stop the online community from dragging her for sleeping with a married man, accusing her of chasing clout.

Brown, who claimed she couldn’t sit back quietly and watch her name being soiled, fought back by posting several videos with the DMW boss to authenticate her claims.

She claimed: “They met in Dubai in 2017 and their ‘affair was off and on up until the pandemic in which she was in a long relationship”.

About Davido being a married man, the serial entrepreneur mentioned she was unaware as he never told her. She also referred to his Instagram page claiming it didn’t look like that of man who was married.

Furthermore, Brown stated she only found out about Davido’s marital status after they’ve had s3xual relation and by which time she realised she was pregnant.

Speaking in one of the videos shared via her Instagram story, Brown said: “Cut it out, I did not know that he was married. Go to his page, does it look like he’s married? Like I’m confused. Rest in peace to the child, people knew about the baby but nobody knew he was married. I’m in America, nobody here knew. Sorry, nobody here knows. It’s not on the blog, it’s not a big thing.

“If a man ain’t telling me that, I won’t know. Cos I wasn’t checking for it. I’m not looking to get married. I’m not looking for that right now. So that wasn’t something I was in search for….digging up or anything like that.

“So no, I didn’t know. I actually found out after the f^ck, then I found out after the f^ck that I’m actually pregnant. So y’all cut it off. I may be a fornicator but never an adulterer. Calm down! Nodody is here trying to mess anyone’s marriage that’s already messed up.”

Reacting, some tweeps shared lyrics off Davido’s “Assurance” which was dedicated to his Chioma who was not yet his wife at the time of release.

Same song also had the name ‘Anita’ being mentioned, ‘Call Anita oh, tell am make she come dey go far away’.

Popular Twitter critic, Daniel Regha airing his view on the matter tweeted: “Davido’s infidelity isn’t news; He lacks self-control which is shameful, but the ladies who sleep with him or get pregnant aren’t victims; They’re grown adults & should take accountability for their actions. Chioma also knows what she signed up for, she is/was baby mama number 3.”

One Bloom said: “Davido for just allow Chioma go her way after that sad event. This my favorite dey stress me. You get humble girl, quiet, cute, responsible, sexy, homely, good character according to you. So why are you sleeping around? What kind of bad habit is this.”

Wet wrote: “Tuface no do reach Davido abeg.

Davido is the new leader of unfaithful men.

So sad Chioma has to go through all these embarrassment over and over again.”

Khaleed stated: “Those texts are probably fake. That Anita is probably a desperate woman trying to get Davido’s attention with these lies about pregnancy and all.”

While cybernauts continue to debate on Davido’s alleged infidelity with the model and the resulting pregnancy, neither the singer nor his team have reacted to the development as of the time of this reporting.

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