IPOB reacts to the alleged killing of IPOB and ESN operatives by Nigeria Police

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We the global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu KANU, a prisoner of conscience, unequivocally refute the concocted lies and falsehood which the Nigeria Government and it’s Security Agencies are peddling to the effect that the criminals and kidnappers with whom the Nigerian DSS and Police have hither to  been working together whom they have now eliminated to cover their evil tracks in Anambra State are operatives of ESN and IPOB members. That claim is nothing but the usual lie and propaganda against IPOB and ESN being propagated by a morally bankrupt and shameless Nigerian Security apparatus to discredit our genuine struggle for Self Determination in the International community.


The criminal gang led by Odumodu, who was murdered by the Nigeria Security Agents recently in Anambra State, were not IPOB members nor ESN Operatives. In fact, the murdered criminals were among the names that one of our leaders, Mazi Chinasa Nworu, publicly announced as among the criminals who in collaboration with the Nigerian DSS were being used to impersonate ESN operatives while tormenting our people during one of his radio Biafra broadcast last month. It is on that very broadcast that he declared them wanted and promised a reward for anyone who can give tips on how to arrest and detain them.

By this very action, IPOB made it clear to all and sundry that these criminals are not ESN Operatives or IPOB members and to prevent these criminals falling into the hands of our gallant ESN operatives, the Nigerian DSS and police had to set them up for elimination. The Nigerian Security agencies must understand that ESN are not riff raffs that can be killed by them anuhow without they the Security agencies loosing on the battle field.

We are not surprised that the Nigeria government and her Security Agencies are feeding the public with falsehood  because IPOB is their worst nightmare. The news that Police had gunned down IPOB members and recovered rockets launchers and Ak47 rifles, are all garbage are false and laughable because IPOB and ESN Operatives don’t indulge in criminalities or enforce non-existing seat at home orders. Everyone should go back and listen to the video where the agents called those guys criminals.

Below are the  names of the  criminals  operating between Anambra and Imo States who are already on IPOB’s most wanted list for  impersonation:

Temple aka Butuzo, Calistus Ochiagha,  Kpakpando,  Obere, Zuma, Sky, 50cent,  Oberensi, Uduego, Ojinmiri, Ifeanyi, Agama and Edge.

All the above-mentioned gang members carrying out criminal activities between Anambra and Imo States are not IPOB members nor ESN Operatives. IPOB is an upright  organisation and cannot involve in any criminalities in Biafraland or anywhere. We can’t force unwilling people to support the struggle, and neither are we going to kidnap or snatch cars of the same people we are fighting to free from Nigerian bondage.

We are waiting for the day Nigeria Government will blame IPOB and ESN for the political and economic quagmire that the clueless zombies (zoombies) in the government of Nigeria have landed them. IPOB is whiter than white and whiter than snow, so we remain resolute towards the restoration of the Independent State of Biafra. The Nigeria Government blackmail and propaganda can’t change our resolve and cannot move our objective.


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