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Dear Abians,

I want to dispassionately tell you that, if you claim to love Abia State and desirous to witness her posterity and rebirth, but presently, you are not supporting the emergence of Distinguished Professor Uche Ikonne , as the next Governor of Abia State,then your acclaimed love is selfish; you do not wish Abia State well.

Professor Ikonne represents everything good Abians have been praying for, over the years. He represents discipline, integrity, capacity, competence, character and quality leadership. These qualities will transmute to a prosperous Abia state, effective May 29, 2023. The progenitor of “our story must change” mantra and participatory governance, is the best and most prepared candidate in the governorship race, in Abia State.

In him mediocrity is replaced with excellence; political patronage is replaced with meritocracy; godfathers are permanently displaced; excuses are replaced with evident and verifiable performance scorecards; salaries and pensions issues are gone forever, for good; infrastructural deficit will be systematically and pragmatically tackled. Prof has done it at Abia State polytechnic; he has done it at Abia State University. Go and verify!

At Abia State Polytechnic, he went there on a rescue mission and indeed rescued the institution. At Abia State University, he applied his midas touch to completely revolutionized the university. His scorecards were ubiquitous; from deployment of technology to e-administration, to upscaling of internally generated revenue, automation of the bursary department, introduction of more and contemporary courses; building and relocation of the faculty of law to Umuahia campus; building of the Aba campus for the faculties of Engineering and Pharmaceutical sciences; financial engineering that helped inject vibrant young academics into the university system, thereby building human capital. The list is endless!

Dear Abians, the possibility of Ikonne administration should be profusely celebrated. Some of us who have built modest goodwill overtime wouldn’t have joined this project, if we weren’t sure of the product we are marketing. Ahia óma na ere onwe ya.

I have lost so many friends and brothers, who believes that I shouldn’t have involved myself in this project. Dear lost friends and brothers (?), I will gain you back with quality leadership, which Ikonne represents, come May 29, 2023. Weep no for me for the Eleazar of Abia State is finally here. The prosperity and rebirth of Abia State beacons! Shalom!

Nnamdi Chinwendu Nwaeze. Ph.D. writes from Amuzu Okpualangwa-Ngwaukwu ancient kingdom.

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