‘I’m so addicted to prostitutes! I’ve slept with 102 of them” man cries out for help

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A 33-year-old man took to social media anonymously to open up about his excessive addiction to prostitutes and how it’s affecting, and almost made him suicidal. Read his confession below:

I’m a scientist, so I know I’m clearly addicted. I just had to create this account to stay anonymous because what I’m about to spill is so shameful to me. Even worse, is that I don’t know what the end will be because I lack total control of my third leg. Alright guys, my dick is my only problem right now. In fact I feel so depressed and traumatised.

I have everything going well for me, I make enough money to buy just anything moderate. I have not been to the hospital for over a decade because the need never raised. So what’s my problem? I can’t answer that question because I’m so confused. I know I’m addicted to prostitutes and I haven’t been able to tame this dick of mine.

I’m a very shy guy, I find it hard to socialize with men not to talk off the opposite sex. So, I started with masturbation which lasted over a decade. Then I started making good money, I felt masturbation wasn’t what I want, that I had to stop it.

I started visiting prostitutes. Its over 5yrs now, and all I want is to Bleep them all. Yeah, that’s how I feel. Bleep all the women, yet I can’t even approach one. So, I go for the easy way, prostitutes!

My biggest problem right now, isn’t that I’m so addicted to prostitutes or spending money (over 70k every month), but I have had 35 prostitutes without protection. I’m so mad right now because I just bleeped a public toilet without protection. It’s the only reason I decided to share this with you all. I’m suffering.

I have decided to get a girlfriend, I wish to marry next year, but I’m so ashamed, I don’t deserve any woman. Apart from the prostitutes I had without protection, I have had sex with 102 prostitutes in total. And I’m just 33yrs. Gosh! I feel so dirty!

I’m so obsessed with women, and I feel masturbation is the culprit. I fear more that I may not stop even if I have the most beautiful girl on earth by my side. I read the story of a lady who claimed her husband was obsessed with prostitutes in Canada, it shocked me so hard.

Is there anyone who has faced same predicament as mine? How did you win? No woman is safe with me, not even minors because I can’t control this dick of mine.

Without alcohol, prostitutes are never attractive to me. So, I must take some alcohol to be in the mood.

Last night, on my regular routine, after drinking alcohol, I met this chubby lady. She was so sexy. I told her exclusively, I find it hard having sex without condom, that I only wanted her to give me a handjob. I pay well, so this girls know me already, it’s a fight to have me in their room.

She gave me a Mouth Gig which I wasn’t okay with, but I felt save to some extent. After giving me Mouth Gig for a long while, I didn’t reach climax. I started mastubating, hoping to reach climax. Still it didn’t happen. The lady was already like, f××k me without condom, but don’t release inside. I was contemplating in my mind, Gosh! Not again. Eventually, I reasoned, f××k it! I had her without protection and it took less than 5 minutes for me to reach climax.

This is exactly the same scenario that plays out in all my shameful adventures with these women. And I’m so feld up right now. I can go on and on, but I don’t like writing long epistles. Gosh! I have sex evey 2 days! I can’t even go just 1 week without sex. Although I haven’t masturbated in the last 5 yrs, addiction to prostitutes is killing me. How do I even stop this whole sh××t? I feel suicidal.

Please note, it took me a whole lot to share my problem here. I won’t take it funny with anyone who says this isn’t real. I just want your honest opinion (castigation or advice), please state it. If you don’t have anything to say, please and please keep your mouth shot. I want more opinion on my predicament. Thanks!

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