“I Wanted Her To Become A Celebrity” — Says Man Arrested In Edo For Posting In∂εcεηt Photos Of His 3-Year-Old Daughter Online

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After his arrest on Sunday, May 12, he was interrogated by the police and in a video recorded, the man said he didn’t mean any harm when he posted her photos online. He said he just wanted his daughter to become a model as she is too young to be a comedian.

‘’I did not mean to harm anybody. I have been so used to watching content creators, comedy and others. I felt she is too small and cannot be doing comedy. I started to bring her up in the model way by wearing model dresses like ‘catapult pant’ to cover herself and make her as a model. This month, May 28 is her birthday. I went to do her birthday bash. I posted it on her page and it went viral.”

When asked if his action is right, the distraught father said: ‘’I wanted her to become a celebrity”

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