Drama as Nigerian businessman refuses to settle his boy after 7 years, accuses him of stealing

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A Nigerian man caused a scene at his boss’s shop as the man insisted on not settling him after seven years of serving him.

According to the young man, his Oga was supposed to settle him last January but he refused and asked him to wait until the election was over.

When it was finally time to get settled, his boss’ wife came out of the blue and accused him of stealing from her, the young man stated.

The young man was left heartbroken as his boss listened to his wife and together, they took a decision not to settle him with a dime.

In his defence, the boss alleged that his shop had gone down as the young man allegedly stolen a lot from his shop.

Reacting to the story, many netizens took sides with the young man and warned him not to leave without settlement.

Some sympatised with the boy

“It is heartbreaking to see someone who had worked so hard for so long, only to be accused of theft and sent away without anything to show for it.”

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