Dowen College :Oromoni Famiiy Alleged Conspiracy, Plot To Cover Up Son’s Death.  -l _Fingers Lagos State. Police Commissioner

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Indications that the mystery surrounding the death of a 12-year-old Dowen College student, Sylvester Oromoni Jnr, may not be easily resolved emerged following the alleged indictment of the outgoing Lagos State Police Commissioner, AIG Hakeem Odumosu by his father, Sylvester Oromoni Snr, alleging conspiracy to cover up his death.

The embittered father reaffirmed his commitment to fight the battle he had started till the end in his quest for justice for the soul of his beloved son, adding that he had already petitioned the Inspector General of Police, IGP Usman Alkali Baba, to review the case as a way of setting the record straight.

He however noted that all those who were involved in the ongoing conspiracy to cover up the truth on the cause of his son’s death, be it the Police, DPP or the management of Dowen college, should be prepared to face the wrath of God, as they would also experience similar fate and see how it hurts to lose a loved one in a ruthless circumstance.

While expressing hope and interest in the process of the Coroner Inquest slated to commence on January 15, 2022, Oromoni Snr. said his legal team from the Falana Chambers are equally following up on every step that would be taken when the inquest commences.

“We are all together (myself and one of the lawyers assigned by Falana who could make it, and other people including the students family, the school management and officials of the Lagos state Education ministry) seated in a hall in Lagos having a meeting prior to the release of the DPP report, when the DCP in-charge of Panti Division, in Lagos who was assigned to lead the investigating team walked in to where we were all seated

“And immediately, he walked up to the Dowen school Principal and asked her if she can still substantiate her earlier claim of the deceased sustaining injuries while playing football and she said she may not be 100 percent certain of maintaining that same stand on the issue again.

“The DCO who came out openly to ask the question before a large audience who were present in the hall that day made it very clear then that he specifically asked her the question based on the latest confessional statement made by one of the students that was involved in the act that killed my son.

“It was at the point that the Principal said he wasn’t sure of the football playing story anymore, and CP Odumosu walked up to where we were all standing and dispersed all us, insisting we must wait for the outcome of the autopsy report.

“And when the Lagos DPP came with their report, it was obvious that a lot of things had gone under. I can understand the conspiracy going on and I’m not in any way going to allow it weigh me down. I learnt the Lagos CP will be going on retirement any moment from now, even after him, this case would continue until justice is served,” he stated.

On the earlier autopsy conducted in Warri under the watchful eyes of the Warri Area Commander, ACP Abubakar Agungu, he noted that the result of that autopsy which he applied for through his lawyers and got a copy clearly established a case of torture and internal injuries on his son but maintained that the report was tampered with on getting to Lagos.

“I do not know the pathologist that carried out the Warri autopsy, he was recommended to us by the Warri Area Commander and we followed through all the process involved with the police supervision.

“When the report came out, it was the Area Commander that was privy to it first and when I requested, he asked me to apply for it officially through my lawyer, which I did before a copy was released to me and it had the police stamp all over it to prove its authenticity,” he added.

Reacting to the question of how long he hope to keep fighting for justice, Oromoni said he was prepared to keep fighting for the next 30 years until he gets justice so that the soul of his beloved son can rest in peace.

“I’m considering burying him in the next couple of weeks but even if I bury him, it does not stop the fight for justice over his death. A two day old baby can die, six-year olds can as well die, an older person dies, even his age mate who are 12 years old dies too but what we saying is that let their death be of natural courses and not as a result of being bullied or tortured by anybody” he concluded..

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