Bracing the odds with Ruftech Aluminum By Godwin Adindu

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At a very conspicuous corner along the old Aba/Umuahia Road, precisely at Abayi Owuahia, lies the industrial base of Ruftec Aluminum Industries Ltd. Ruftec is a premium brand in the aluminum roofing sheet sector. In thier list are gauges for the roof, step tiles, metrocopo, long span, short span and Cameroun zinc. Ruftec has also gone ahead to produce stone coated tiles, shingles and galvanized roofing nails.

Founded by the Obingwa born businessman cum industrialist, Chief Charles Nwangwa (Akajiugo), the company is a one stop aluminum roofing industry as it offers customers a complete package to ensure that the building is finished to a good standard. “This place is a one stop aluminium roofing industry and this is our dream,” declared Chief Charles Nwangwa, founder and Managing Director of the company.

Ruftec braced many odds to assert itself as a leading player in the aluminum roofing industry. Today, it is providing quality services to the customers and also offering employment opportunities. “Besides just establishing an industry in Aba, I wanted to give our people the opportunity to create their own wealth because there is no waste product when it comes to aluminum. The waste materials can be used to recreate weath,” he said.

Chief Nwangwa is into many business ventures. He plays in the oil and gas sector, real estate, manufacturing and Ruftec is one of his ventures. “I decided to establish Ruftec in Aba to make a statement to our people in Diaspora that Aba is safe for investment so that they will be encouraged to bring their investments back home,” he said

On a visit to the Ruftec company last week, I was amazed at the level of production going on there and the quality of technology in operation. At a time when the old companies for which Aba was known have closed down, Ruftec is a bold statement that Aba can rise again.”This is the statement I want to make that Aba can rise again and become an industrial hub as it was before,” declared Nwangwa.


Ruftec is cutting a niche by doing things in a unique way and ensuring high quality standard. They help customers calculate the roof specifications after the wood work, and lay the sheets by themselves to ensure accuracy and elegance. They have to stamp their signature on any building handled by them. Ruftec has come to stay. “Our dream is for Ruftec to compete internationally.”

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