BOMBSHELL: Kemi Olunloyo claims Sam Larry fathered Mohbad’s son, implicates Cubana Chief Priest in allegations

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Controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo has made startling claims about the paternity of musician Mohbad’s son.

Kemi Olunloyo asserts that Sam Larry is the alleged father of Mohbad’s child.

Olunloyo alleges that Cubana Chief Priest sent Mohbad’s father four million naira shortly before Mohbad’s death, raising questions about the purpose behind the transaction.

Kemi questions why Naira Marley, a close associate of Mohbad, has remained silent regarding the alleged DNA test results for the child.

She also brought Cubana Chief Priest, a popular socialite and showbiz personality, into the fray with allegations of financial transactions.

In her Instagram post, Kemi Olunloyo put forward the unverified claim that Mohbad’s son was allegedly fathered by Sam Larry.

Among the myriad allegations raised by Olunloyo, one that stands out is her assertion that Naira Marley, Mohbad’s record label boss, has been conspicuously silent regarding the alleged DNA test conducted on the child, despite reportedly possessing a copy of the result.

Kemi Olunloyo also claimed that, according to her investigation into UBA bank records, Cubana Chief Priest had reportedly sent a substantial sum of four million naira to Mohbad’s father shortly before the untimely death of the singer.

This financial transaction has raised eyebrows and generated questions about the motive behind the transfer and why Mohbad’s father had not publicly acknowledged it.

Kemi Olunloyo, known for her controversial investigative reports, stated that she has submitted her findings to the Lagos State Police for further investigation.

*In her words;*


*What was the motive of Mohbad’s death?*

Was the plan to eliminate Mohbad and all his music assets transferred to the baby and wife who betrayed him and had a baby who already allegedly belongs to Sam?

Sam could inherit all Mohbad’s assets as father of the boy and why I cautioned Nigerians against donating to mom and son. The N30M should be frozen by the bank because technically he didn’t lose his father.

Where are Mohbad’s phones last seen with Wunmi after he was transported to and from the hospital?

Was Mohbad buried alive while injected with Midolazam a long acting benzodiazepine that came up in discussions knocked him unconscious and then possibly strangled? His neck in the coffin appeared broken.

Why did Naira Marley keep quiet about the DNA test done in Dubai as he has a copy.

Why was Sam Larry fighting Mohbad for his son and why Mohbad refused to hand him over

Why was Wunmi’s family threatening VDBM with a N300M lawsuit?

Why did Cubana Chief priest give Mohbad’s dad N4M days before his suspected murder according to my UBA bank records? Why did he lie that only Davido gave him N2M which he later said only N1M was delivered to him.

Why was Sanusi the boy with dreads immediately flown to Dubai after Mohbad was allegedly murdered?

He’s described as a Dubai based crypto yahoo boy. Sanusi was also spotted in the car with Mohbad’s body, the car dealership and near lyabo Ojo signing the condolence register.”

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