BOBRISKY IN TROUBLE: Angry youths protest, demand Bobrisky’s immediate exit from Edo

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Benin youth have staged a protest against the popular controversial cross-dresser, Bobrisky, clamouring for his exit from the state.

The protest was fueled by alleged insults directed at the Oba of Benin by the crossdresser in a clip that circulated in 2022.

Bobrisky had in the video suggested that the Oba of Benin should marry him.

The remark, intended as a joke, seems to have offended Benin residents who viewed it as disrespectful to the rich cultural heritage of their land.

However, Bobrisky travelled to Benin for an event over the weekend and his presence in the city prompted a spontaneous response from the youths who gathered en masse to voice their disapproval.

In the viral video of the protest on the internet, the youths expressed their rejection displaying placards bearing messages such as “He is a bad influence; We don’t want him in our state.”

It was gathered that the protest forced him to hastily leave Benin City for his safety.

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