“Apart from our attainable priority of REVENUE ENHANCEMENT, the government we propose shall CRASH COST OF GOVERNANCE” Prof. Uche Ikonne

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These were the submissions of Prof. Eleazar Uche Ikonne, the PDP governorship candidate in a forum where he addressed the audience on how to enhance revenue generation and ensure regular payment of salaries which he has marked as his prime priority if elected as Governor of the state

This brilliant presentation can only come from someone who had administered public institutions and had garnered the required experience needed to manage public funds and institutions.

We have noticed that people go about copying the ideas that our principal Prof. Ikonne, had put out on ways of ensuring good governance without giving him credit or making reference to him, we, therefore, advise that people should try to be original and where they must copy, they should endeavour to give credit to those with the original ideas

Uche Aguoru
Uche Ndi Abia Campaign Organization

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