Abia YPP crisis gets messier as State Publicity Secretary denies the suspension of state Chairman and appointment of Acting Chairman

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The crisis rocking the Young Progressives Party in Abia has taken a dangerous twist. Recall that the State Chairman, Uluocha Nelcinn Chiemezuo was alleged to have abandoned the party to accept an appointment with the Labour Party in the state as Special Adviser on Revenue and Policy formulation to Umuahia North Transition Committee Chairman, Mr. Victor Ikeji.

In a release by the party state publicity secretary, Bestnan Eruba, the party said it has no alliance or agreement with the Labour Party in Abia, therefore considered the appointment of Uluocha as personal, stressing that the state working committee of the party will sit and take a stand. Moving forward, a letter addressed to the National Chairman of the party, dated December 11, 2023 purportedly written by the State Working Committee emerged, announcing the suspension of the embattled state Chairman, Nelcinn Uluocha abd replacing him with an Acting State Chairman, Mr. Uzo Nwoko.

Again, the party through it’s state publicity secretary, Bestnan Eruba has denied the report. In a press release, the state publicity secretary said the state working committee has not met and has not taken decision.

*The release reads:*

Our attention have been called to the knowledge of a fake news circulating the rumoured suspension of the State chairman of the Abia YPP.

We hereby declare that these rumors are not in consonant with the meeting of the State Working Committee held in Umuahia yesterday Monday the 11th of December 2023 and should be totally disregarded.

The appointment of an acting chairman which is contained in the news is also baseless as it has no connections with the provision of the party’s constitution which ordinarily replaces a chair with his deputy and not the secretary, accordingly the purported appointment is without merit, null and void and of no consequence this is more so as the decision was made based on a signed resolution, which included the name of an individual who had previously resigned from the party on April 13th, 2023 and other persons who are not membersof the State Working Committee.

It is clear that this individual should not have been involved in official party matters after his resignation even when ordinarily he is not empowered by the party’s constitution to call any meeting or take any decision whatsoever onbehalf of the party.

We understand the confusion and the concern that these events may have caused. We assure our members and the public that we are addressing this situation internally and will take appropriate action to ensure the integrity of our party’s processes in the overall interest of peace, justice and prosperity of the Young Progressives Party Abia State Chapter.

We urge everyone to refrain from spreading false information and to await official communications from the appropriate channels regarding party matters. We remain committed to upholding the principles of transparency, accountability, and fairness within our party.

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