Abia APC, judiciary and Emenike factor: Emeka Alex Duru’s half-truths By Nwafor Chinonso Stanley

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I read with great amusement, an article on the above subject authored by Emeka Alex Duru as published in the Daily Sun of Friday, November 18, 2023. As decent people, we respect and leave people to their opinions knowing that it is their inalienable right to express themselves, as Emeka Alex Duru has done, though he chose to be economical with the truth.

We do not dissipate our energy in replying to such an article laced with factual inaccuracies, but would wish to remind the author of the article in question that days are gone when a few compromised individuals would hoodwink people into believing their half-truths, and most times, outright falsehood.

Emeka Duru was quick to cite the judgement of the Abia State High Court delivered by Justice Benson Anya on June 24, and the rulings of the two Courts of Appeal. It is most unfortunate that Emeka Alex Duru chose the part of the story that will suit his paymaster’s failed aspiration, but willfully shied away from the truth being that Dr Uche Ogah was never a party to any of the suits, and, therefore, is not affected by the said judgements and rulings.

If the said judgments affect Dr Uche Ogah, why didn’t Emenike and his legal team present them before Justice Binta Nyako? At no time, throughout the proceedings of the case, did they bring up the matter before the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja because they knew that it would amount to an effort in futility to do so.

Emeka Duru failed to include the substance of the matter which is that before the primaries held on 26th May, the NWC of the party, in its wisdom, made it expressly clear that Abia, alongside two other states, should conduct the direct mode of primary which Dr Uche Ogah complied with. But Ikechi Emenike, who has a penchant for disobeying directives, went to one motor park in Umuahia to conduct indirect primaries that gave him a worthless ticket. Emeka Duru also failed to mention that INEC refused to monitor Ikechi Emenike’s primary because of the illegality surrounding it, which made a nonsense of whatever exercise that was carried out at that motor park.

It is laughable that Emeka Duru said that the ‘leadership’ of the APC has rejected Dr Uche Ogah. Who are these so-called leaders? Any leader without followers is only taking a walk. Emeka Alex Duru should have seen the mammoth crowds that heralded Dr Uche Ogah’s reception on Wednesday and the tumultuous ovation and accolades that greeted his arrival right from the airport. This underscores how much the people yearn for Dr Uche Ogah to govern the affairs of Abia.

Emeka Duru should have it at the back of his mind that the days of gullibility are gone in Abia State.
Abians are much wiser now. Therefore, alluding that Ikechi Emenike is still the APC governorship candidate in Abia State amounts to wishful thinking because we are confident that the Supreme Court will rise in protection of the truth and uprightness.

No judgement can be sounder than Justice Binta Nyako’s well-made verdict of November 11 which upheld Dr Uche Ogah’s candidacy and invalidated Ikechi Emenike’s false claims to the governorship ticket of the APC in Abia State.

Dr Uchechukwu Ogah’s candidacy is a settled issue. He who the Lord has blessed, no man can curse. He is set to win the governorship election because in him lies the redemption of Abia State. Ikechi Emenike should swallow his pride, be sportsmanlike for once, and accept defeat.

To Emeka Alex Duru, the sooner he abandons a grounded wagon and joins the moving train, the better for him. Dr Uchechukwu Ogah’s heart is too large enough to accommodate anyone who retraces his steps.

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