A Nigerian man dies in India 2 weeks after his mother’s death

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Nnamdi Kingsley Okpala is a native of Akpo in Anambra state, few days after he lost his mother,he started complaining of having shortness of breath, he was rushed to the hospital,he got some treatments and went back home.

Shortly after he got home, he couldn’t breathe well again,he was rushed to so many hospitals and got rejected, some of the hospitals noted they haven’t seen such cases before, some said it was kidney problem,some said it was kidney infection, the last hospital he was taken to said it wasn’t kidney, that the two arteries interjoined and got swollen up, they suggested an operation so the arteries will be separated.

The operation was successful according to the doctors,his family and relatives were waiting for him to wake up from the operation,he never did!.. his last words “I cannot breathe!”…

His dead body has been deposited to the mortuary and arrangements are going on on how to send back his body for burial.

Spencer was an only child,
Spencer left for India to seek for Greener pastures. Spencer never made it back alive!..
Rip Nna o!

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