*2023: Why Abia South deserves Chinedu Onyeizu*

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If there is one senatorial district in Nigeria where it is obvious that the political irokos will fall in 2023, it is the Abia South Senatorial District. If there is a senatorial zone where there will be a repeat of the fall of the biblical wall of Jericho, it is obviously the Abia South. If there is one area that needs, and would surely have a breath of fresh air, it is surely Abia South. Facts abound to justify the fact that the zone deserves a paradigm shift.

Several contenders have presented themselves for election to either represent, or to continue to represent the district in the red chamber of Nigeria’s National Assembly. Among them is a sitting Governor who intends to join the list of former Governors who see the Senate as their retirement home . His only driving force is to be in the Senate the way his predecessors have done. He has no other spelled-out reason for going to Abuja. Even as governor, the zone he wants to represent has very little to show for it. If he couldn’t do much for the zone with the powers and enormous amount of resources at his disposal as governor, one wonders what impact he would make on the zone as senator. With his kind as senator, Abia South will be worse.

Another top contender, who has no other business except being in government, has spent almost 20 whopping years in government, 15 of which he has already wasted in the Senate. After four terms in the Senate, he came back and asked to be anointed a governor. But when that dream met a brick wall because of his already known poor record in the Senate, he made a vote farce, swallowed his pride and picked the senatorial ticket of a political party he called unprintable names a few years ago. How soon he can forget! For the almost 16 years of his stay in the Senate, there is nothing he can proudly point to as his achievement for the people. He attracted no projects. He empowered no youth and women. He could not even build the roads that lead to his village. He abandoned his kinsmen. He forgot even his maternal home. He only remembers them when the election draws nearer, as he is doing now. In his almost 16-year stay in the Senate, he sees the distribution of a few transformers as an unprecedented achievement. He uses the welfare of his people to achieve selfish political points in Abuja.

Until recently, he only saw misgovernance in Abuja and turned a blind eye to the decay in his home state. He has just realized that Abia is being misgoverned because his dream of being governor died on arrival, killed by the same people with whom he had held the people down. He now wants the same people he neglected to mourn with him, and give him a return ticket to Abuja as a compensation for failure. He still believes that the people will remain gullible. How wrong he is.

Someone who has failed as governor, can never be a superlative senator because one cannot give what one doesn’t have. On the other hand, someone who has achieved nothing for the people after almost 16 years, cannot perform miracles in another four years because the leopard does not change its spots.

In 2023, the people of Obingwa, Aba North, Aba South, Ugwunagbor, and Ukwa East and West will speak in unanimity. They will elect the senator who truly understands and appreciates their problems. They will elect a senator that feels the pulse of the people. They will elect a vibrant and young person who has demonstrated capacity and courage. They will elect a senator who will place their welfare first. They will elect a senator who has a track record of performance in his endeavours. They will elect a senator they can have access to at all times. In all these, the name – Chinedu Onyeizu – rings bells.

Engineer Chinedu Onyeizu is youthful and vibrant, and has a track record of academic and professional excellence. He is humble and humane, and has shown courage and capacity. Abia South deserves better. Abia South deserves Chinedu Onyeizu. And above all, he is trustworthy and can be held accountable. Never will the people of Abia South be taken for a ride. Chinedu Onyeizu represent the new order.


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