XMAS FESTIVAL: Hon. Alex Mascot Ikwuechgh, Member Representing Aba North and Aba South Federal Constituency makes provision for FREE TRANSPORTATION

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Good news to all our people planing to go home. The Member Representing The good people of Aba North & South Federal Constituency, Hon. Alex Mascot Ikwechegh (Onye Ocha N’Aba) to assist our people to cushion the impact of the hick in price of transportation to our place.

The house member has promised to sponsor a 12 days free transportation from his constituency off @59 pounds road Aba to

* Isiala Ngwa Junction
* Ntinga Junction
* Umuahia Tower
* Umunneochi
* Akara
* Alayi
* Igbere
* Ohafia
* Arochukwu


Friday 22rd December, 2023 – 3rd January 2023

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