WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Man impregnates 5 women same time, holds joint baby shower

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The internet went into a frenzy late yesterday over the news that one man held a joint baby shower for five different women after getting them all pregnant at the same time.

Lizzy Ashliegh, a 29-year-old Brooklyn musician, took to TikTok to make the startling revelation about the unconventional event, at which she was one of the pregnant women celebrating, reports Daily Mail UK.

The expectant mom divulged the details of the unusual arrangement after getting pregnant by fellow musician Zeddy Wills – along with four other women.

In her initial clip, which has over 10 million views on TikTok, Lizzy zoomed in on the invite to the baby shower being held in Queens.

It featured a picture of the dad-to-be surrounded by five proud pregnant women, alongside a caption that read, “Welcome little Zeddy Wills 1 to 5.”

She added an overlaid text which read: “When your baby daddy got four other girls pregnant at the same time!”

Following the widespread backlash, Lizzy took to the platform once again to share a series of snaps showing all the women posing together before dishing yet further details on the situation.

She explained, “We love our baby daddy. We will not ruin our babies’ lives. Our families have accepted this.”

“Nothing left to do but to support each other. Takes a village indeed!”

Elaborating further, Lizzy continued, “We can’t change the fact that he’s our baby daddy and everything happens for a reason.

“We’ve decided to work together and our families are supportive of our decision! We’ve accepted each other. It’s better for the little ones.”

She said of herself that she was “staying happy for the baby’” before adding, “He’s going to be born into a big family!”

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