Woman Kills Nephew

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A Zimbabwean woman has been arrested for killing her nephew after he broke her glass bowl.

It was gathered that the incident occurred on December 6 when the suspect identified as Rangarirai Samson discovered that her nephew, Wenyasha Masawi, had broken her glass bowl. This discovery allegedly triggered a violent reaction from Samson.

She reportedly took a piece of firewood and inflicted severe injuries upon Masawi. Concerned about Masawi’s deteriorating health, the accused then sought the help of local prophets in an attempt to save his life.
Despite the intervention of the prophets, Masawi’s health continued to decline, ultimately leading to his death on December 19. Following his death, Masawi’s body was taken to the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals for a postmortem examination.

The medical examination revealed that Masawi’s demise was a direct result of the injuries sustained during the attack. Subsequently, Rangarirai Samson was arrested and now faces the grave charge of murder.
Rangarirai Samson who was arraigned before the Bindura Magistrates Court, was charged with the murder of her nephew, Wenyasha Masawi. The court remanded her in custody until January 26, with no plea entered during the initial hearing.

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