Why I decided to date Nkechi Blessing – Actress‘ boyfriend, Xxssive opens up

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The boyfriend of Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing, Xxssive, has discussed his reasons for choosing to date an older lady.

In a recent interview with Egungun, he disclosed that he prefers dating older ladies over younger ones.

The content developer disclosed in the interview that Nkechi, his partner, is 35 years old, and he is 28 years old at the moment.

When asked why he chose to date an older woman, Nkechi Blessing’s boyfriend disclosed that women in the 18–26 age range are notoriously promiscuous.

He chose to date an older woman since, in his opinion, they would never be faithful to their relationship.

When discussing his connection with Nkechi, Xxssive said that the actress is very obstinate and that anyone who dates her can train a lion.

“Who date nkechi fit train lion, she too stubborn,” he said.

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