Victor Osimhen speaks out against cyberbullying of Alex Iwobi following AFCON finals loss

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Nigerian footballer Victor Osimhen has once again taken a stand against the cyberbullying of his colleague, Alex Iwobi.

Iwobi, who faced severe criticism from fans blaming him for the AFCON defeat, was forced to delete his social media account to escape the relentless trolling.

Super Eagles’ stars, including Napoli striker Victor Osimhen, have rallied behind Iwobi, expressing their love and support for the embattled player.

In a recent interview, Osimhen condemned the cyberbullying and called on Nigerian football fans to adopt a more constructive approach in expressing their opinions about players’ performances.

Osimhen emphasized the human aspect of football players, stating that they are not immune to the emotional toll of harsh criticism.


He urged fans to remember that footballers are people with feelings, and constructive criticism could go a long way in motivating players to improve their performance.

The Napoli striker pointed out the importance of fostering a positive environment for players, especially during challenging times.

Osimhen acknowledged that criticism is part of the game but stressed the need for it to be delivered in a manner that encourages growth rather than tearing down the morale of players.

Moreover, Osimhen revealed that the team has reached out to Alex Iwobi to offer support and encouragement.

He assured fans that Iwobi is resilient and remains committed to giving his best for the country in future competitions.

Osimhen urged fans to stand behind their national team and players, especially during challenging moments in the world of football.

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“Some of our fans should do better…What they have done to Alex (Iwobi) is out of this world and is not good”

– Victor Osimhen

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