Ukwa la Ngwa People Rise In Anger, Warns Against Attacks on Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, urge unity ,( FULL DETAILS)

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THE ELDERS OF UKWA LA NGWA have continued to observe with rapt attention and interest the political development in UKWA LA NGWA land since our son and brother, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu served out his eight years in office in 2023 as Governor of Abia State.

The Council of Elders wants to use this auspicious moment to put a few issues in their proper perspective.
1. That without unity and total reconciliation the political class in Ukwa la Ngwa cannot achieve its potential neither will it realise the aspirations and expectations of their followers and teeming supporters.

2. Therefore, we the Elders beseech the political class to embark on a total journey of genuine reconciliation among themselves as brothers without which their political fortunes will be imperiled.
3. That the vulgar attacks hauled at each other particularly on our son and brother, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu by his own ethnic brothers have been unprecedented in the history of Abia State, whereas Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu is not the first Governor of Abia State. None before him has been so insulted, abused and attacked by their opponents and a few disgruntled elements in Ukwa la Ngwa land.

4. We, the Elders of UKWA LA NGWA, do not completely accept the argument that Dr Okezie Ikpeazu achieved nothing for UKWA LA NGWA people in particular and Abia State in general. As a matter of fact we rate him over and above his predecessors.
5. Abia State was created in 1991 and not in 2015, when Ikpeazu became Governor.
6. That, of course, we acquiesce to the opinion that Dr Ikpeazu undoubtedly concentrated power in the hands of a few individuals, who sadly refused to utilize such quality positions and resources for the benefit of UKWA LA NGWA people.

7.That we all should equally accept the fact that Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu was not only the Governor of the people of UKWA LA NWA but the entire Abia State. A fact that should have obliged us to moderate our expectations.

8. That the Elders of Ukwa la Ngwa frown at the level of vituperation, hatred, bitterness , disrespect, well-orchestrated falsehood, and unnecessary disinformation that is being leveled against Dr. Ikpeazu and his administration on daily basis.

9.That the Council views these attacks as well-crafted political gimmicks not just to run Dr. Ikpeazu down but to demarket UKWA LA NGWA as a people.

10 .That we should see whatever experience we garnered from Dr Ikpeazu’s leadership as part of our learning process.

11.That it has become most expedient for us now to once again unite ourselves politically and move forward, and to remember that a house divided against itself can never stand.
We must, therefore, resist the philosophy of divide and rule that is being clandestinely projected at us to wither down the fighting spirit of the UKWA LA NGWA people.

12.That our people should remember, henceforth that onye iberebe mbu ONYE LA AMAGHI LA OCHI ACHIRI MKPAKARA MKPURU YA MBU YA LA ADA A’CHI.

13. The Elders now call for an immediate cease-fire in any further attacks against NDI UKWA LA NGWA which are intentionally being applied using Dr Okezie Ikpeazu as a cannon fodder.

14.That we are carefully watching the unfolding political development in the State and will make the appropriate statement as the scenario unfolds going forward, because once beaten twice shy.

Long live Abia State.
Long live Ukwa la NGWA ELDERS COUNCIL.
Long live Ala UKWA LA NGWA.
D.r Max Nduaguibe

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