Truck Plows Into Crowd On Onitsha Bridge, Kills Scores

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A horrific accident occurred on Saturday at the Onitsha head bridge, resulting in multiple casualties.

According to eyewitness accounts, a truck traveling towards the Asaba end of the bridge failed brakes, causing a devastating scene.

The truck was said to have skidded off onto the pedestrian walkway and crushed bystanders and individuals waiting to board vehicles bound for Asaba. Among the victims were a mother and her children, as well as several other pedestrians.

The incident occurred at about 5 pm. One fortunate woman, who narrowly escaped the tragedy, was overwhelmed with grief as she witnessed the aftermath, including the remains of her loved ones.

While the exact number of fatalities remains unconfirmed, several persons sustained injuries ranging from minor to critical.

Police officers who swiftly responded to the incident are said to be working to restore order and assist with emergency operations.

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