The summary of the NEVER TOLD STORY of my 9 years journey to Abia state University, Uturu – Uche Chionye Courage

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My Academic journey Mrs. Courage started in 2015 at Abia state university uturu..
I had passion for medicine and applied for it but was admitted to study optometry.
I had to apply for a change of course in order to fulfill my dreams not knowing it was going to be the beginning of my problems..
It was successful and I was happy but something happened in my 2nd year..

One fateful day a memo was brought out during the accreditation process that all students that did change of course should return back to their initial department.
I almost collapsed on seeing that memo..
This affected over 50 students then????..
We pleaded and pleaded but to no avail.

The trauma and shock was too much to bear and most times landed me in the hospital in several occasions..
I had no option than to go back to optometry to plead for acceptance which followed a condition that we must repeat 200level again..
I faced so much rejection and lost contact with friends because everyone was just looking at me like a failure without understanding the reason behind my predicament..

People say name has an impact and speaks for them that was exactly my case.
While studying and repeating class in optometry I picked jamb form and wrote post utme but my post utme result got missing that year.

My aunt encouraged me again to pick another jamb form in 2018 which I did prayerfully and this time God directed me to apply for nursing.
I had to call on God this particular year with a broken heart @opm.
When the results were out I scored 256 in jamb and 76 in post utme.
Remember all these processes were going on while studying optometry..

I was admitted on merit to study nursing in October 2018.
I started my nursing journey officially and God was with me all through that journey..

Fast forward to 2022,I wrote my nursing council exams in November and passed at one sitting and became a registered nurse in 2022 of which I shared the story on this platform.(check story on my profile)

Let’s complete the story now ..
In 2023 I wrote another council exam and I passed at one sitting and became a registered public health nurse..
I also wrote other certificate exams of which I was all successful in all..

In 2024 ,march precisely I sat for my midwifery council exam and became a registered midwife.

In conclusion I concluded my degree exams for my BNSC on 21st march 2024..
God was on my side all through my journey in nursing from 100level to 500level.
This is exactly 9years in Absu and I can attest to you that the lord was on my side despite all the challenges..

In life with courage ,and determination you can achieve your dreams..
There were days I broke down in tears out of academic pressure but I still braced up and fought hard till today and I can only smile and look back to the days I cried ..
Indeed the lord is my Ebenezer(helper).
Courage is a global name.

I want to thank my mum and dad specially for all the sacrifices and prayers.
I also want to thank my aunt (Chidinma nnanta).she gave me money for my jamb form and pulled me out from optometry.
I also want to thank my Elder brother(Uchenna) and immediate elder brother for all the financial support ..
You are the best brothers I could have asked for..
To my lovely husband Venn John..
God bless you so much..
You came into my life at the very point I needed a comforter..
The prayers and the financial support was so overwhelming..
Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to be the best..

To my spiritual father in Anchodif( Ven Ugochukwu
Thank you very much daddy.
To all my spiritual fathers all over the world thank you for your prayers..
God bless my Opm family ,SPI ,Anglican family and many others who contributed to my success..

To my lecturers in nursing department Absu.
Thank you so much for impacting knowledge and discipline in me..

Let me officially Reintroduce myself to you..


Registered Nurse..
Registered public health nurse..
Registered midwife..
Reproductive healthcare provider..
Occupational health safety..
Basic life support care giver..
Gender based violence..
Digital nursing…
Medical social work in nursing..
Bachelor of Nursing science degree hotter❤️????????????????????..

My 9years journey was not in vain..
Giving up is not an option..
You can pick up your pieces and start again..
Delay is not denial..
My name courage spoke greatly for me because it was not an easy journey..
But I am glad I made you all proud..

Behold your latest graduate of nursing science Abia state university uturu ..
The lord has indeed wiped my tears and has made me to smile..

This is the end of my story..
Feel free to share in order to encourage someone out there who wants to give up.
Courage is a global name.
I am officially a graduate nurse.

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