Tanzania President John Magufuli Blasts African Leaders!

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“They asked us to lockdown everywhere, economy including churches because of COVID-19. Some gullible African leaders rushed to do that. But I refused, I told them God is bigger than COVID-19. They mocked us thinking that we are fools.. Unknown to some African leaders, these people that deceived you into denying God and Subjecting your people to untold hardship already have ways to make their economy work again, they will use Africa.. . While African leaders were busy shutting down the economy, they were busy making plans on how to give Africa loans for them to control us with heavy debts.. This is the plan, they will use Africa to make their economy work for free while Africa will cede their lands, resources and independence to survive… Tanzania can never be part of this mess… We’re covid-19 free and our economy is booming…

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